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Serie John Sinclair (english)

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John Sinclair – A new audio drama series: blockbuster cinema for your ears only: a breathtaking mixture of gothic horror and fast-paced action paired with an audio-rich atmosphere. Produced internationally in London and Los Angeles with Andrew Wincott as John Sinclair, Anthony Skordi, Emma Tate, Dan Mersh, Charlotte Moore, Nico Lennon and many others. John Sinclair: Hell’s best entertainment - for your aural pleasure!

Titel Verlag
Curse of the Undead Lübbe

The lord of death Lübbe

Dr. Satanos Lübbe

A Feast of Blood Lübbe

Dark Pharaoh Lübbe

The Vampire Graveyard Lübbe

A long day in Hell Lübbe

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Special: Kassettenkindkartenspiel